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Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

Blair Creek Resort Cabin Regulations


Federal Laws of Land in the National Park


Reservation and Payment Policy
1.      Deposit of first night(s)/site(s) is required upon reservation.
2.      Remaining payment is due in full upon arrival for all nights(s)/site(s) reserved.
3.      You are responsible for the full payment of all night(s)/site(s) reserved unless an ample cancellation  
         or revision is made (see below).
4.      Full cancellation made in excess of 21 days will be charged a $15.00 cancellation fee; cancellations
         made less than 21 days from first night’s rental will lose full deposit.
5.      Security deposit is not required; however, if any damaged or stolen goods are discovered, the renter
         will be charged and/or prosecuted.

Cabin and National Park Rules
1.      Maximum of five (5) people and four (4) horses per site.  Maximum of one (1) trailer and/or two (2)
         vehicles per site.  Additional Parking will be provided.
2.      No outside fires are permitted.
3.      Horses are not permitted around cabins and/or off gravel roads around the resort.  Stay off grass!!!
4.      Horses must be kept in stalls. (Picket lines, tie outs, etc. are not permitted).
5.      Each renter is responsible for cleaning the stalls and the basic cleaning of the cabins.  This includes
         removal of hay, manure, and garbage (all garbage must be bagged). Additional charges will apply if
         stalls and/or cabin are not left clean.  
6.      Any damage or defacement to Blair Creek Resort property by your party will need to be compensated for.
7.      Pets ARE NOT PERMITTED in cabins.  You may keep dogs tied outside, on the porch, in a stall, or in
         your trailer.  Pets must be restrained at all times on a leash or lead line not to exceed six (6) feet in length.
8.      Quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.  Playing audio that may be disturbing to other visitors is            
9.      Smoking is prohibited inside the cabins.
10.    Littering WILL NOT be tolerated.  (Cigarette butts are considered trash and will be fined as littering).
11.    Food and garbage must be stored in a manner inaccessible to wildlife.
12.    Alcoholic beverages can be consumed within the Blair Creek Resort area in accordance with federal               
         regulations.  (Open containers are not permitted on horseback).
13.    Fireworks are prohibited.  
14.    ATV’s are not permitted inside the Blair Creek Resort or national park area.
15.    You must stay only on trails intended for horses.  Trail and park maps are available for purchase, see an         
         employee for details.
16.    It is for your horses safety that you do not feed any foliage growing around the park to them.  Many               
         native plants that grow around the national park are poisonous to horses.
17.    No wildlife is to be fed or disturbed.  No one is permitted to go inside the caves that surround the area.
18.    It is by the Federal Law that any animal traveling with your party has current health papers and all horses    
         have negative coggins papers.
19.    All disposable products such as paper goods, hygiene products, etc. will not be provided.  Town is located     
         seven miles from resort.  Feed and water buckets are also not provided.
20.    All other federal laws and regulations apply.